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Terms of Service

Service Provider: Legistum Attorneys Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the service provider). Service Provider is committed to complying with: the provisions and instructions of the Finnish Bar Association, the rules for electronic commerce, as well as the business to consumer requirements of the legislation.

Legistum Attorneys Ltd
Business ID: 1615544-5
Established in Seinäjoki
Vilhonkatu 9 C 3rd floor.
FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland

Tel: +358 20 742 4460
Fax: +358 20 742 4461

Description of the Service: This is a service, where an order does not directly lead to a binding relationship. Before accepting an order the service provider clarifies the purpose, willingness and concepts related to these, as well as the legal consequences of the use of various alternatives. Prior to an agreement the service provider ensures at least through a telephone call or by an email communication that the subscriber has a real legal need for assistance and the ability to make and understand the marriage contract and its importance and effect. If no obstacles are detected, an agency relationship is confirmed. When placing an order electronically, the required preliminary information is used to check for disqualification clearance and for drafting pre-requisites. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the personal and non-technical nature of the information given with the order. The form on the website that is maintained by the Service provider does not directly apply as a template and due to the nature of the service, each document is drafted to fit the client’s individual needs. This is done after the phone confirmation has taken place. In order to clarify the customer’s individual needs, the customer is contacted to the extent required. The customer is always separately contacted to ensure the accuracy of the contents of the document. The customer must ensure that in order to make the document valid they must follow the service provider’s instructions.

Order Confirmation: If no obstacles are detected, the order will be established into an agency relationship through e-mail or text message confirmation, after at minimum, a telephone confirmation or email confirmation has taken place. Subscriber will receive email or text message notification of the received order.

Delivery time: An ordered document will be delivered to the address or email address given by the customer within 5 business days after the agency relationship has been established.

Information given with the order: If the agency relationship is not confirmed, the service provider agrees to immediately dispose the information provided with the order.

Order Cancellation Right: The client does not have the legal right to cancel according to the Consumer Protection Act, Chapter 6, § 16 and the Chapter 2, § 15, when the service by electronic transfer has been initiated with the consumer’s consent before the withdrawal period has expired.

Price of the service and payment: The price of the document with all the costs is 160 euros (incl. 24% VAT). Customer is responsible for the authorities´ charges (registration fee). Any additional work (such as translation) will also be charged an additional fee. The service provider sends an invoice with the document to the subscriber´s mail address. The invoice covers the document, and its handling and shipping costs. When paying the invoice, always use a reference number. The due date marked on the invoice tells the date when the invoice is to be paid. Payment term is 14 days.

Non-payment: Payment must be made by the due date. In case of delay, the service provider sends the customer a request for payment, which adds an additional 5 euro fee for the reminder. The service provider takes into account the Consumer Protection Act, Chapter 7, § 16, if the delay with the payment is due to the subscriber´s social performance force majeure majeure, such as illness, unemployment or other comparable external factors, unless the duration of the delay and other circumstances, it would be unreasonable for the service provider. The performance force majeure shall be notified without delay to the service provider, if the subscriber wishes for it to be taken into account. If the order is not paid by the due date, the subscriber is required to pay the delayed amount of interest in Section 4, § 1 subsection according to the rate of interest for the late payment from the due date until the date of payment.

Legal Protection: This agreement shall be governed by Finnish law. Parties have the opportunity to complain about this service to the Finnish Bar Association. Each party has the right to a premium dispute according to the Finnish Bar Association´s recommended procedure. Disputes arising out of this agreement include the right for parties to bring an action of their own at their domicile High Court. The subscriber can choose to bring their suit to the service provider’s place of the High Court. The subscriber also has the right to complain to the Consumer Disputes Board:

The Consumer Complaint Board
PO Box 306
Tel: 010 3665200