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Order Prenuptial Agreement

Price of prenuptial agreement is 160 euros (incl. VAT 24%). After Your order has been sent, our lawyer will call you to your phone number, or by sending an email to your email address,  verifying that prenuptial agreement is drafted as wished and that your details are correct.

Prenuptial agreement can be testified, signed and sent to local Magistrate by Legistum Attorneys. Please tell us in advance if You wish to take our testifying service. If You wish to order testifying and signing at our office, additional charge is 50€ (inc. VAT 24%).

Prenuptial agreement affects how the distribution of matrimonial property is divided. A prenuptial agreement can be made valid for both divorce and the end of marriage due to one spouse’s death, or in only one of these cases. In Finland, prenuptial agreement can only be registered in Finnish or Swedish languages. Therefore, agreement needs to be written always in Finnish or Swedish languages. However, prenuptial agreement can be translated to a language understood by the spouses. The additional cost of translation is 160 € (incl. VAT).

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1.) The right to matrimonial property is full when the marriage ends in the death of one of the spouse 2.) Please identify your assets in detail and your ownership in percentage in them

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